Rip Off Donald Trump Calendar ModelLike so many others I was shocked and devastated the morning I awoke to DT as our new president. How could such a person have gotten this far in a nation I was so proud of?  At the end of the first week of his presidency, I felt like I needed something to mark the accomplishment of simply surviving that week.  From that thought, this countdown calendar was born.  I created a simple mock up and showed it to a few friends,  They loved the idea.  We began to turn the idea into a reality.

I don’t usually do things like this.  I am an accountant for a nonprofit and an master beekeeper, not an entrepreneur or publisher. So this kind of endeavor is new to me. It was similarly new to all those who helped me with this project. The development itself has been both fun and healing.

We have participated in marches, petitions, donations, and solidarity with like-minds, hence the name “Awakened Beehive Productions” because news of what people are doing reminded me of a swarm of angry bees.  But none of that seemed to be enough. We wanted to call on past leaders who brought to view the salient words that set our nation and humanity on a forward trajectory. We wanted landmark dates of past struggles and other historic events to remind us of a more compassionate vision.  More than anything else, we wanted to know just how long we needed to persevere until a new president could be inaugurated.

Join the Swarm StickersThis calendar serves as a countdown to a return to kindness and tolerance.  The calendar also calls on those from our past who had meaningful words of encouragement and wisdom for trying times.  And each week DT gets smaller and smaller (try it as a flip-book, it’s fun!)  One hundred percent of the profits (over $3 per calendar) will be donated to organizations that support peace, justice, democracy, civil and human rights, or environmental protection.

Profits from this month’s sales will go to:   Planned Parenthood USA

We’re hoping that if we count down together it will unify and strengthen our resolve to find our way out of these next four years and leave everyone more determined than ever to proceed in the light of compassion for all.  Let’s emerge on the other side if these weeks together, exhausted in our tenacity, triumphant in our endurance, victorious in our commitment to each other as brothers and sisters no matter what our differences.

Join us in the countdown.  Join us in the resolve to remain citizens of inclusion.

Join us in the swarm…